WE CAN - International Organization for the defense of the rights of refugees

WE CAN It is an international organization founded by Asylum seekers and refugees themselves, with the aim of raising loudly and strongly the demands of their own causes; in the face of a variety of forms of suffering, we have taken the responsibility in our hands to defend our rights at the level of the legislative and social authorities before the governmental institutions as well as the international organizations concerned with this subject.

This organization proposes a commitment to fight against the degradation of the image of the asylum seeker and or the refugee in general deserving a more humane treatment and goes down.

About our Organization

The Organization pursues the following non-profit goals:

  • Defend the rights of refugees on the legal side, in particular their fundamental rights, and the coordination between concerned refugee groups to improve and promote their social states, and to solve their social or legal problems that have to do with the administrations, and to act of their integration in the society and the frameworks in the market of employment and in teaching.
  • Among the objectives of our organization the fight against intellectual and religious radicalism, and the fight against discrimination as well as our participation to coordinate with other organizations and international associations in international meetings that concerns refugees to give proposals on fundamental rights and legal and social.
  • Regular visits to reception centers to see refugee situations and resolve.
  • The organization of conferences and seminars on various subjects dealing with situations of refugees and Asylum seekers.
  • Any other activities that match the goals of the organization.